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Le Male By J3@n P@ul G@ult!3r


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Captain! Yes captain! You heard it; They call you that because the Le Male perfume that spreads from your body, reveals to them that there is an officer! The oriental woody scent envelops you with the aura of masculinity emitted by the dynamic leaders in uniform. The primary charm of the composition is due to the spicy notes of cardamom. Shortly afterwards, it is mixed with the slightly mysterious aroma of the iris that combines beautifully with the aromatic lavender. The warm vanilla chords create a wave on which the aroma slowly dissipates, like a ship disappearing on the horizon. As a model for creating the perfume stood the strong personality of the captain – the most important man on each ship. The perfume reflects the strength and irresistible charisma that comes from the high position of captain and transmits it to you


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100ml, 50ml, 20ml, 30ml, Body Butter 200ml, body Butter 75ml, Body Lotion 200ml, body Lotion 100ml, Massage Oil 80ml

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