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Bronze Goddess By 3st33 L@ud3r


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Live a summer that never ends. The Bronze Goddess reminds you of the carefree summer days full of sunshine every hour of the year. A floral-oriental fragrance that reminds of an endless summer while it does not cease to be for daily use but also for special occasions. The composition of the aroma is such that initially it will fascinate your senses, Italian bergamot, ginger extract and juicy tangerine. Then the Indian jasmine, the creamy coconut and the plumeria petals emerge in the heart of the perfume. The base notes of the fragrance, which last most on your skin, are characterized by delicious vanilla, warm cashmere, musk and amber.


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100ml, 50ml, 20ml, 30ml, Body Butter 200ml, body Butter 75ml, Body Lotion 200ml, body Lotion 100ml, Massage Oil 80ml

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