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1 Million Prive By P@c0 R@b@nn3


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The 1 Million perfume was released in 2008 and the Lady Million perfume in 2010. The perfume pair inspired by extravagance, gold and wealth has become very popular. The new fragrant pair of the collection features 1 Million Privé and Lady Million Privé came out in the summer of 2016. Red carpet, photographers and spotlights. Hollywood, Paris, London, Saint Petersburg. Luxury, opulence, glamour, vacuity. A dash of boredom and an overdose of bla bla bla. A glance right and a wink. Cling! He takes her hand and leads her. Together, they run, get lost and hide. She is Bonnie he is Clyde. In the line of fire is the pure pleasure of maddening, invigorating adrenaline that thrives on shivers. A safe open with a snap of the fingers. They’re there. Sparkling, intense and precious. The famous gold bar and the insolent diamond. As the door closes behind them, the world in hot pursuit, the partners in crime go over the film in private. At daybreak, they are gone. A legendary scent lingers in the air. A finger to the lips. What was that? Shhhh… Silence is golden. The future is theirs.” 1 Million Privé is an oriental – woody fragrance full of contrasts. It opens with blood mandarin and cinnamon, ingredients that marked the original. The heart includes notes of hookah tobacco enriched with myrrh resin. The base is a warm and sensual blend of patchouli and tonka bean absolute.


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100ml, 50ml, 20ml, 30ml, Body Butter 200ml, body Butter 75ml, Body Lotion 200ml, body Lotion 100ml, Massage Oil 80ml

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