The difficult, due to the economic, and not only, crisis, summer of 2015 began the journey of realization of the idea that two brothers from Thessaloniki had.

 An idea that had entered their minds several months earlier. After months of market research, meetings, discussions and tests, the right partners were selected who now have the luck and joy to call friends, even..family.

 Their vision was to be able to fill every home with fantastic fragrances, regardless of social and economic status. After all, their motto was from the first moment and remains until today, that luxury should be accessible to all and not only to a few ..

 So they tried to create a space where everyone could find their perfume without having to spend a small fortune. A space in which, however, they would feel comfortable to spend as much time as they had at their disposal until they find the perfume that suits them.

 Always of course with the help and advice of trained, experienced, smiling and always willing to serve, company staff!

 Six years later, and despite the many and varied difficulties, their store at 38 Idomeneos Street in the center of Heraklion, continues to carry out daily what it was created for: to fill the house of every friend and friend who trusted them with exquisite perfumes and scents. ! Again .. and again .. and again .. Once upon a time their store has no customers but .. friends! Friends for whom they wish only the best!

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